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Three are better than One?

Desktops vs Smartphones.

Our preferences for Landscape vs Portrait layouts are mostly driven by the devices we will view them on. I remember back in 1987 there was a website that specialized in Desktop Wallpapers. Today every photographer becomes the consumer of their own images.

So here is an idea can be achieved by more than one way. You can use most graphic programs to set images on layers and then crop or mask them out.

If cropping and masking is a little confusing for you I used a program on the Mac computer from the app store that simplifies the process. I like this process since its so quick and simple that I don’t even bother with more complicated process.

PeralMountain Technology Co. Has both Mac and IOS versions of this CollageIt 3 Pro. (I don’t have any affiliation to this company or their product – I have only used the mac version)

The interface looks like this.

These three images are from Starwars Weekend in Hollywood Studios previously MGM. In the past these weekends took place in May and June.

So if you have 3 images in one orientation you can combine them into one in a different orientation.

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Barry Shulam