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              Live Yong Concept - Vitality, innovation, sharing, value

               Live Young is not only the conbination of the information, technology, cooperation, but alos the sharing of achievements, the social value creation, the enterprise survival and finding a way to grow up together with customers.

              Live Young always uphold "the integrity-based, results sharing, creating value for society" business idea. By providing the most valuable and competitive products interacting with customers, using the most valuable experience of the new technology application products interacting with users, using a broad range of technical application of interacting with the world, with the idea of forward-looking and innovative interacting with the future.
              About Us
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              +86-756-8511630 8511532

              Contact:Mr. Wen

              Mobile:13326634650 13928011194


              Address:A District,5 /F,No.38,Yongtian Rd,Fuxi Industrial Area,Qianshan,Xiangzhou,Zhuhai,Guangdong,China