The most overlooked feature when purchasing a digital camera.

In the past cameras could not be upgraded by the consumer.  With  the advent of Cell Phones we have gotten used to having new features and fixes updated every year.  This month IOS9 is coming out for Apples iPhone.

One of the best features that will give life and longevity to your camera are Firmware Updates which are software updates.

My first DSLR camera was the first Canon D30  it produced 3 Meg files.   I do remember it did have some firmware updates however so many new features can be added to the modern camera bodies today.

Fuji has been known as one of the manufactures that provides firmware updates to its cameras but that distinction is changing to include Olympus as well.  Olympus announced today that in November they are adding to there Olympus EM1

“Focus Stacking mode and Focus Bracketing mode for advanced macro shooting and Electronic Shutter (Silent Mode)”  

One of the most exciting things for me to is to see the progression of features in Olympus cameras and their adoption in the Olympus EM1 camera.

When you consider your next camera check and see the previous bodies and their firmware update history.  It should give you an idea what you kind of support you can expect.

Firmware updates communicate that the vendor cares about its community.