Introduction to a Photographer’s Disney Bog

I am moving my photography postings to this site and will continue to post photography lessons and tips for free.  I started back in 120mm film days with a Kodak Brownie my grandfather gave me.  My first film camera was an Olympus OM4 which I still have.  My first digital camera was an olympus D-340L a 1.2MP camera.  I think cheap security cameras do a better job today.

Anyhow I will have to dig out my Disney Film photos but for now my first Digital photos were in 2000.  The photo from epcot was my 1.2mp photo.  It has a proprietary memory card think of a large flat sd card about twice the size of todays sd cards.  It used AA batteries which on vacation was considered a great thing since they were easily accessible.

The reason I have started this blog was the demise of another disney photography blog that I enjoyed viewing.

I want to become a resource for all Disney photographers.  Those who enjoy taking picture and inspiring others to being happy with a camera in-front of their face.

Barry Shulam

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